Hello! And welcome to the Kids on Mission Adventure, where we believe that parents play a crucial part in creating a fun and playful experience for our Christ-centered interactive online language classes. We know that children learn through play, and we are passionate about encouraging this learning style to make language acquisition easy for them. 

Getting Involved at Home

At Kids on Mission, we provide level-appropriate craft ideas, homework, and music for parents to incorporate into their daily activities at home. Children love to get to show their teachers what they can make, do, and say. That’s why our teachers like to incorporate the at-home activities into their online class time.  

Practicing Outside of Class

Giving our students a chance to ‘show what they know’ increases their confidence as they attempt to produce the target language. So please join together with us by helping them complete their homework, experience the crafts, sing along with the songs, and test their knowledge through the quizzes. By spending a few minutes at home engaging in these activities each day, you will greatly enhance your child’s engagement in the live class.

The purpose of the live class is to get the children talking and interacting – both with the teacher and with the other students in the class. Prior exposure to the key vocabulary words, songs, craft projects, quizzes and homework assignments will enable the student to solidify his learning during class through vital interactions with others. 

Our teachers love playing and interacting with the children in the online classroom, so please be sure that your child is prepared each day to participate in the lesson. We look forward to seeing you and your child in the classroom!

Please see the following video tutorial to help you maximize your child’s experience.

Please ensure that your child listens carefully and only draws on the screen when asked. Your child’s teacher may at times temporarily disable your child’s ability to annotate on the screen. 

If you have a friend or family member who could connect with you on zoom, please consider testing this function out with your child before classes begin. It is easiest to control when the child has a clickable mouse. Trackpads on laptops can be challenging for little hands, and touchscreens on tablets tend to experience a delay during the zoom meeting, especially with drag-and-drop interactives.

If you need any help preparing your child for the first day of virtual classes or configuring your technology, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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