What is KOM

KOM stands for Kids on Mission. It is Charleston Bilingual Academy’s virtual tutoring program, specializing in Christ-centered language learning. KOM classes are interactive. Our teachers are trained to get children talking in the target language using songs, games, interesting visuals, and student-centered teaching techniques. More importantly, all of our teachers love the Lord and clearly infuse this love into each class, with each student.

What can I expect from KOM?

You can expect your child to be speaking the target language during each class through interactions with the teacher. At KOM, we believe that children learn language best when using new vocabulary words in sentences while using movement to engage neural connections.

Each class should be fun for the student. That’s why our teachers enforce retention of vocabulary and sentence structure through interactive games, colorful visuals, funny faces, and a loving, encouraging atmosphere.

At-Home Support

Students are also given homework, craft ideas, and other materials to encourage learning at home between classes. Unlike other online classroom platforms, KOM staff and teachers are also committed to communicating with our student’s families to support their learning adventure outside of class.

How many students are in each class?

At KOM, we offer one-on-one classes as well as small classes with no more than 3-4 students. We want to be sure that each student has opportunities to speak in the target language throughout the class.

How much do classes cost?

The costs vary depending on how many days per week a student is enrolled.

  • Cost per class for 5 days / week: $10.00
  • Cost per class for 4 days / week: $10.00
  • Cost per class for 3 days / week: $10.00
  • Cost per class for 2 days / week: $11.25
  • Cost per class for 1 days / week: $13.75

One-on-one classes optimize the learning experience, and are a great way for students to refine their language skills. These individualized classes cost $30 per class.


We are currently accepting registration only for the Winter Session (January 11- February 19).

Session I Small Group Class Total Costs:

  • 2- 25 minute classes per week (T/Th) for 8 weeks – 15 total classes: $180
  • 3- 25 minute classes per week (M/W/F) for 8 weeks – 21 total classes: $231
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One-on-One Classes

Our one-on-one classes run in 4-week sessions. The first session of winter one-on-one virtual classes will begin on January 11th and will continue through March 5th.

  • 1- 25 minute classes per week for 8 weeks – 8 total classes: $240.00
  • 2- 25 minute classes per week for 8 weeks – 16 total classes: $480.00
*There is a 2.5% processing fee for each purchase.
*All classes will have a limit of 4 children per class.
*Students will attend all 8 weeks for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days each week. No prior knowledge of Spanish or Mandarin is required; all levels are welcome!

Meet Our Teachers

Maestra Violeta

Maestra Samantha

Maestra Karinna